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Gone Wild

Price: $14.00

Product Options

Bigger Attachment Options:
A wild vinyl leopard print with a felt backing is stiffened to have this cool Hot Bows keep it's shape.  A hand glittered black & gold heart center makes this perfect for all your wild nights.  Stiffened for extended wear; approx. 2.5" wide.
Hot Bows are original designs created to add some fun and fashion and can be enjoyed by girls and pets alike!  Most Hot Bows are stiffened with a special non-toxic stiffener and they are designed to last longer then other ribbon bows.  Trendy styles and high quality products make Hot Bows a great fashion accessory for all. Hot Bows are approximately 1 3/4” long, while the puffs are up to 2” wide.  Our Doing Bigger Better styles are 2.5”-3.5”, unique fun designs, great for the dog that wants a little more pop and wonderful on kids of all ages. Most styles come with three attachment options including latex bands (2 each), French clips, no-slip French clips and our non-stiffened tulle puffs are available with alligator clips. Made in the USA. 

Attachment Options:


The French Clip is easy to open and for dogs that have thick hair or already have a band in their hair (i.e. Shih Tzu or Poodle).


No-Slip French Clips are easy to open; an added piece of Velcro prevents the clip from slipping off the straighter hair (i.e. Yorkie or Maltese) ***Recommended for children.
Alligator Clips are super easy to use when using your Hot Bows decoratively only.  Not recommended during activity or for extended wear as they are not as secure as French Clips.